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Open Play

More dates may be added throughout the season. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for any updates or cancellations. Private Parties are also available for groups of 10 or more if you don't want to play during an open play. Call 920-979-4601 or email boneyardpaintball@gmail.com for details.

2023 Paintball Open Play Dates (10am - 4pm):

2023 Airsoft Open Play Dates (11a-5p  See Facebook events for rules):

Open play on all fields is under 280FPS for paintball. Dates are subject to change.

Paintball Open Play Rates
SPECIAL - Field fee, all day air, and a case of premium grade paint $75
Field fee with own equipment - includes all day air $15
Rental Package - includes field fee, semi-auto paintball gun, face mask, hopper, air tank with unlimited fills, and 500 premium paintballs $39

All prices do NOT include sales tax. Prices, discounts, deals, and availability subject to change.

What is open play?

Open play, also known as walk-on play or recreational play, is when anyone can come out to play. No reservations are needed. We divide all our open play games by skill level and equipment type in order to make it fair and fun for everyone.

How many games are played?

We strive to keep the games running as frequently as possible so that you get the most play time for your money. There is usually a 5-10 minute break between games.

Can I use my own paint?

Sorry, but we do not allow it. The reason is because 9/10 times people who bring their own paint use very poor quality paint which can hurt other players and stain clothes and gear. Our field paint is high quality which breaks very easily and therefore does not hurt as much as lesser grades of paint. It also washes off very easily and does not stain.

What modes and rate of fire do you allow for open play?

We only allow semi-auto, uncapped. One pull, one shot. This makes it fair for everyone.

What types of games are played?

We have a variety of games that we play. The most common ones are team elimination, capture the flag: center flag, Domination, and VIP.

Don't forget to have waivers ready, and go over the rules.